Guy Stanley Philoche, My Dream Speaks 2013


Neo-Expressionism Artist Steven Cogle Interview


The Art of Leroy Campbell


Leroy Campbell & Richard Beavers (City Views Interview)


Leroy Campbell "My Authentic Self" (Chick)


Leroy Campbell "My Authentic Self" (Go, Go, Go)


The BoomBox Exhibition

The concept of the BoomBox Exhibition; presented by House of Art Gallery, is to demonstrate the influence of the boombox through various facets from the 70’s-mid 80’s; such as fashion, music and politics. The Boombox was an intrinsic part of incubating so much sonic New York history, in pulling together this study we'll see, live and embrace a device that was part of the fabric of the city.

The House of Art Gallery endeavors to exhibit Lyle’s work from his love of the “boombox” as well as other influential, established artists who felt inspired from the era. The group exhibition will feature seminal Boombox celebrated works from; Jamel Shabazz, Justin Bua, Frank Morrison, Dan Ericson, Najee Dorsey, Charlotta Janssen, Nina Boesch and Phyllis Stephens. The opening reception will be a special night to meet the artists, discuss their passions, and reminisce about memories held when the boombox became a staple through a persuasive era.



The BoomBox Exhibition


Lyle Owerko x A$AP Rocky x Swizz beats "THE BOOMBOX PROJECT"


"Wild Style" Director "Street Photographer" Jamel Shabazz


Candid with Gabriel Gimenez

The Official Promo for Gabriel Gimenez. This project was created in collaboration between two artists to further propel the creative infrastructure of the Wynwood art scene in Miami.

East Side Stories Featuring Photography by Jamel Shabazz

Animation: Mr 4letters

Music: Dj Boulaone
tribute to the Budos Band

Photos: Jamel Shabazz

Extract from:
“Represent, the retrospective”
2012 MFW Lille.

Thanx to Mystel, Abdel Bisou,
Mikostic, Break prod et La Yeah Produzione!


Aritst D. Lammie-Hanson invites you into her KreativSpac


BUA - Legends of Hip Hop Preview


Faith Ringgold at the Neuberger Museum of Art

Legendary artist, Faith Ringgold tells the story behind "For The Women's House" on display at the Neuberger Museum of Art in Westchester, New York.


Faith Ringgold: Quilting as an Art Form

Legendary master quilt maker Faith Ringgold discusses quiilt making as an historical art form.


Faith Ringgold: A Daughter's Boldness

Faith Ringgold's tells the story of how her then-teenage daughter influenced her Whitney Museum protest.


Najee Dorsey - 2012 Resistance Art Series (Exhibition Begins Feb. 2012)

Najee Dorsey - 2012 Resistance Art Series (Exhibition Begins Feb. 2012)


Nina Boesch - Metro Card Collage Artist


Justin BUA exhibit at LACM 2010

BUA exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum in 2010.


Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer Trailer

Trailer for Jamel Shabazz feature documentary by Wild Style director Charlie Ahearn.


Jamel Shabazz & Frank Morrison Exhibit at House of Art Gallery

House of Art Gallery presents a two man exhibition featuring two urban griots photo journalist Jamel Shabazz and urban contemporary artist Frank Morrison "Reflections: A Visual Expression of Who We Are".

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Justin BUA unveils 12' x 9' Canvas Giclee of Notorious BIG

A private collector of Justin BUA's artwork hosts an event where BUA unveils his latest masterpiece! A 12 x 9 foot Canvas of the Notorious BIG that is also featured in BUA's recent book The Legends of Hip Hop.


BUA on BET 5ive

Urban Contemporary artist Jusint BUA explains his artwork, inspirations and art projects during his interview on BET 5ive.