Exhibit: Bisa Butler "The People Could Fly: Royalty Without The Riches"
Artist: Bisa Butler

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Bisa Butler    Australopithecus    Cotton, screen printed denim, digitally printed lycra, quilted and applique       60" x 38"    2012


I made this quilt back when I first started quilting. I was contemplating what the first humans may have looked like, and what the world looked like when Adam and Eve took their first breaths. This woman stands emerging from the primordial waters and all around her is the night sky. The universe is clearly visible and light has not yet been introduced into the world. She is alone because she is the first. I call her Australopithecus because that is the name given to one of the very first human species that stood up in Africa. This quilt was originally bought by my Aunt Bertha who cherished it until her passing, last fall.


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