Leroy Campbell

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Leroy Campbell    Stronger Together - SOLD    Acrylic and Collage on Canvas       48" x 36"    2016

This exhibition is dedicated to Muhammad Ali and his fighting spirit. He embodied the long line of fighting spirits we have as a people. Our spirit defines us. Ideology, family, political affiliations, or race does not have a right to disrupt or bring disharmony to it. The threatening of your God-given spirit must be removed. The spirit itself fights for that right. Our fighting spirit is ancestral. It is in our DNA.

We are unafraid, determined to be our authentic self, unapologetically black and committed to the salvation of ourselves. It is in our natural spirit to be willing and ready to contribute to the greater good of humanity. Our souls are interconnected and we feel each other’s pain whether we ignore it or not. This is why we have to fight this battle together. When we combine our spiritual powers, only then will God’s force help us. Until then, the fight continues… - Leroy Campbell 

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