Shawn Theodore 's Biography

An introduction to a new mythology: Black Reality. 

Astral, supernatural, mythic polymaths glistening in beautiful black magic - this family of strangers are a new zodiac within a mythology, one that takes place not in a distant future or past, but today. 

This is an homage to an ever-changing, ever-moving Diaspora, a dynamic people who remain unfettered and unburdened, moving with full spirits, celebratory of themselves even in the face of uncertain mortality. There are no broken pieces here, everything is whole, black, and unique, separated from the invisible, separated from the incorrect construct of the 'black monolith' of identity. 

Their metaphorical church is bound by blackness; a skin stretched across an ever-expanding drum-shell of time. What is holy to these ethereal yet everyday folks are their self-published mantras, memes, platitudes, status updates and micro-memoirs articulated in the blackest of letters forming the blackest of words. These are ancestors of the future.  

They are the fruit of comets, born of stars and quasars and raw impossibility, like uprooted, majestic, migratory trees. These self-referencing, self-made saints, they are not reflections of us, they are us, if we choose to believe.  -  Shawn Theodore